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What Makes Double Sided Tape Stick Out?


A little story on double sided adhesives 

Double sided adhesive tapes(DSAT) are different from normal tapes, as the name suggests, because they have two adhesive sides. This has significant implications for their utility and suitability for various tasks. For instance, single sided adhesive tapes  may be unsuitable for use regarding retail purposes and/or projects with a strong display component. Double Sided Adhesive Tapes can be hidden and are thus perfect for this role.


There are two main varieties of double sided industrial tape, The big thick ones, and the slim ones. Double sided tapes, with thick bonding systems are usually more able to bond with unusual, non-uniform, or highly patterned and textured surfaces. Although Thick bonding systems usually involve a foam carrier layer, and usually varies significantly in strength. Thin bonding systems are, as per say, much thinner – sometimes so thin that they consist of nothing but pure adhesive on a silicone liner for protection. 


Both thick and thin bonding systems can use either acrylic adhesives or rubber adhesives. There are advantages and disadvantages concerning both, although rubber adhesives are generally cheaper and less suited for intensive long-term applications....

Acrylic adhesives on the other hand, are more expensive but age much better. They're not as sensitive to light or heat, and are more resistant to most chemicals. The trade-off is that they make a weaker bond on the initial application although the hold does improve with strength looking a few hours in. There are pro's and con's to both. It depends on what you want to use your tape for. 

What is the meaning of pressure sensitive? 

Pressure sensitive basically means that the adhesive has to be pressed in, a little, in order to make it stick and therefore making the two surfaces "touch". It doesn't imply that the bond will be weakened by pressure, and it doesn't necessarily mean that there is an issue with using the product for heavy weights. 

A lot of tapes are pressure sensitive, and it has no bad effects for the quality of the product – it just underlines how the adhesive is used.

As you now, may or may not know, Double sided Adhesive tapes are, and can be used for a lot of different projects etc... 
Here at Hippo Tape  we strongly believe that we have mastered the DSAT. We strongly believe in our product, and hope that you will to!